Bronco 4D Soft Top Instructions

Install time:

  • 15-20 mins

Tools Required:

  • T50 Torx Bit
  • T40 Torx Bit
  • Ratchet Driver

Hardware Included:

  • 12x Bungee Cords
  • 3x Nylon Webbing Straps


Remove or fold factory Soft Top back completely.

Using “M8 bolt” and “Bungee Anchor”, insert one of each into the threaded holes shown below with RED ARROW, on the top of the driver’s and passengers’ side of the roll bar.


Using one each “Bungee Anchor Well Nut”, insert one into each hole shown below with ORANGE ARROW and tighten until snug. You will need to hold the plastic anchor while tightening the bolt. The rubber will expand in the hole to keep it in place.



Using the T50 Torx bit, remove the bolt for the soft top latch shown above with YELLOW ARROW.

Using one plastic “Bungee Anchor”, replace the bolt with the anchor under it. Repeat for other side.


Attaching The Mesh:

Starting in the front corners, pass one bungee cord through the grommet hole and loop it around the Bungee Anchor.

Working your way down both sides repeat the last step.

At the rear, take one “Nylon Strap” and pass the open end through UP THOUGH the grommet holes in the rear of the mesh,

Clip the plastic “J” clip, on the end of the strap, to the back of the edge of the roll cage cross member. See photo.

Feed the open end of the strap through the Tri-Glide buckle on the strap.

Pull the open end of the strap snug while sliding the tri-glide buckle.

Repeat for the other two at the rear of the mesh.

In the rear outside corner of the mesh; use the large bungee ball cord and place it through the grommet then around the roll bar then back and loop it over the ball. See the above photo.

In the front outside corner of the mesh; take a small bungee, with the attached clip, go up through the corner grommet hole then wrap the bungee over the roll bar and clip it to the open hole, located in the side of the roll cage. See the photo below.

In the front center, attach the snap hooks to the Hard Top locks as shown below