JK/JKU HalfShade Instructions

Start by attaching the center small Bungee Ball cord, on the front edge of the GearShade, to your center footman loop on the top of the windshield frame. While still attached, drape the GearShade over the center roll bar. Simply leave it like this while installing the bungee balls and straps.

Next at one front corner of the GearShade. Start with the Nylon strap just behind the corner plastic. Loop the strap under the roll bar and up. The buckle should be orientated to the outside of the vehicle.

Now with one hand grasp the strap, and the other hand grasp the buckle. With a see saw motion work the strap forward, between the roll bar and the plastic. Keep working it forward as far as you can! Repeat for the opposite side.

Keep working it forward as far as you can! The strap will have to pass the two flares, one on either side of the roll bar. This is all hidden under the roll bar padding. Repeat for the opposite side.

Take the corner of the GearShade top and put the strap through the grommet. Place the open end of the strap through the ladder lock part of the buckle. Don’t tighten just yet! Attach the other side, then pull them both tight.

Working backwards from the front, pass a bungee through each of the grommet holes down each side of the GearShade top. Wrapping the cord around the roll bar and back around the ball.

Take one of the long strap in the back corner of the GearShade and wrap them around and under the roll bar then back to the plastic buckle. You will need to make the strap go under the sound bar a little bit (see the image). Loop the strap through the buckle just like the front corners. Make the strap snug, you don’t need to make it super tight.