JL/JLU/JT HalfShade Instructions


In the rear corners; take the attached small bungee cord and attach the clip to the body as shown in the photo.

Keep a little amount of tension on the GearShade in the forward direction, so the rear clips to not become undone.

Move to the front corners. Keeping tension on the rear bungees.

In one of the front corners, take the pre-attached bungee cord and attach it to the Jeep as shown in the photo on the photo on the left.

  1. Bungee goes over the roll bar to the outside of the Jeep
  2. Wrap it under the roll bar, back to the corner grommet hole
  3. Pass the clip up through the grommet hole
  4. Attach the clip to the hole shown in the windshield frame.

Repeat for the opposite corner.

Take a loop/clip bungee cord, and loop it around the roll bar and back through itself as shown below.

Then connect the plastic clip to the top of the grommet hole as shown below.

Only loop/clip bungees for the front section of the GearShade