Bronco Tail Light Instructions

Instructions for Broncos with LED and Halogen tail lights.

Step 1

Remove the plastic retainers from the trim. Unscrew it then pull the whole body out of the hole. There are 4x each side.

Step 2

Remove the 2 bolts from the trim using a 10mm socket.

Step 3

Remove the trim from the truck.

Step 4

Disconnect the lower trim panel.

Step 5

Remove the lower trim panel completely.

Step 6

Remove the outside bolt closest to the tail light. See image.

Step 7

Remove the bolt from the lower inner trim panel using a 10mm socket. See image.

Step 8

Remove the inner trim panel, pulling from the top outward, and set aside.

Step 9

Unplug the tail light connector. Remove the tail light form the truck.

Step 10

Remove the 2 bolts from the tail light frame using a 8mm socket. See image.

If you have OEM LED lights, continue to the next step.

If you have Halogen lights, skip to step 15.

Step 11

Remove the OEM wire harness from the OEM tail light.

Step 12

Lift the red connector lock on the OEM tail light to remove the plug. See image

Step 13

Swap the OEM wiring harness from the OEM tail light to the smoked tail light.
Do this for both sides.

Step 14

The smoked tail light should look like the image above.

Feel free to remove the resistor if you want, as you will not need it anymore.

Install the smoked tail light in the reverse order.

Test the lights before completely installing trim panels.

Below are instructions for Halogen equipped Broncos.

Step 15

Install the smoked tail lights.

Take the red single wire on the left light side light and place it behind the bumper to hide it. Pull it to the right side light.

Step 16

Pull the wire up from the right side bumper and connect it to the single connector on the right tail light wire harness.

Step 17

Remove the trim panels from the tailgate.

Pass the dual 2-pin connectors (with red wire) through the tailgate, near the top hinge, and connect it to the 3rd brake light, inside the tailgate.

The 3rd brake light connector is the 2-pin.

Test the lights before installing the trim.